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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't be scared!!

Jeff took the boys to the lake this afternoon, so I've been busy trying to get some monogramming done. I managed to squeeze in a shirt for me! This is an elbow tee I found at Target for 6 bucks - had to get a size L b/c everything is so tight these days. I have nothing to wear (the story of my life) so I need to find more tees!
Here is Sissy pushing around her "dadee" who appears to be falling out of the stroller. She gets excited when I say "baby" and sort of says "dadee". That and "uh oh" are about the only things she says. Excuse the white romper - she has been in it all day and is rather filthy!
So I keep getting e-mails from people saying "I know you are so busy" and "I hate to e-mail you" or "I hate to ask you". I guess my blog posts have scared people?? I didn't mean for them to! Yes, I am super busy right now with spring, but never too busy to answer e-mails or squeeze in some work! I've kind of mentally been giving myself goals each day of one person's monogramming. If I have more time I do more, but try to tell myself ' I'll finish these 5 shirts for so-and-so today". Seems to be working! I don't feel as stressed! My problem is my own... when I started this, I was doing this and that every few days for close friends or family. My sister in law used to say I would be done w/ her monogramming before she got to the end of the driveway. I was FAST!! A year or longer later and I still like to be fast, but have 3 kids and a crazy household and 5 times the work, so I'm doing the best I can!! Please never feel bad e-mailing me or asking me to do something! I'm happy to squeeze in a last minute baby gift or shirt for you anytime!


Emily in Kentucky said...

We have that stroller and baby too. Aren't they great?

Amanda said...

Hey Rosemary! I saw your post a few weeks ago about the Target bathing suit for Mallory w/ the monogram. It turned out so cute, that I wanted to copy your idea! I got that one and the blue polka dot one. But I am scared to try it on my machine. My question: what stabilizer did you use? Any tips?