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Friday, April 3, 2009

Thankful it's Friday!!

I had a Q about the swimsuit from a previous post. Amanda, I hooped a piece of sticky stabilizer and stuck the swimsuit to it (didn't hoop the suit) and pinned it in place. I was leary of any tight "curly curlz" type font, but had a friend who tried it and it worked. I figured for a $9.99 swimsuit I didn't have too much to lose! I've had a couple of people bring me more to do, so hopefully I'm as successful!
This morning by 8:30 I was stressed out! I had a lot on the calendar today and woke up tired (plus the boys were up at 6:30)!! One of my committments was an hour and a half bible study at my church. I swear, everything that was said and every comment that I heard was geared towards me. I seriously got self conscience and felt that a couple of people were reading my blog and Facebook or that someone told them 'Rosemary has been doing this and this'!! It was on 'use of time' which is an area I have been struggling with lately! An illustration was given which I loved! If you take a jar, fill it with the big rocks first. Then you can add pebbles, then sand, then water to fill it up. If you put the water & sand in first, there won't be any room for the big rocks. Basically you should take each day and decide what the big rocks are. If you get all of the big rocks in, then you might have room for pebbles and sand (which might be Facebook or blogging or sitting on the couch reading a magazine). The big rocks should be #1 spending time w/ God, caring for your children, planning dinner, doing something your husband asks you to do, etc. You get the point! Anyway I have a lot of soul searching and praying to do b/c I've been struggling with time management and work for weeks! By the way, Jeff is at Target w/ B and M and G is taking a late rest on the couch, so I'm squeezing in a quick blog and a couple of shirts! :)
>Have a great weekend!!

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Amanda said...

THanks for answering my question, Rosemary! I may try it...if I do, I'll post a pic on my blog and leave a comment on yours w/ the link so you can see it. :)