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Friday, April 24, 2009

El stomach bug...

It's been a crazy week! I'm FINALLY feeling better tonight from an apparent stomach bug/virus. Threw up last night after feeling horrible most of the day and had fever this afternoon. I thought Moms weren't allowed to get sick?? Hopefully that was it?! We were supposed to ride to Birmingham yesterday afternoon and I tried to WILL myself into going. We made it to the I-65 exit and turned around and came home! Good call! This morning I got a pedicure and went to bible study and had a Vivanno for lunch from SB (great when food doesn't sound good). I picked the kids up and we all took a good nap. I woke up STILL feeling achy so I took my temp and had a little fever! Took some ibuprofen and feel better tonight. Needless to say... I have not had my machine on since Tuesday I think! I washed my tablecloth yesterday so I've got it back on, I'm organized again and hope to get a few things done tomorrow and Sunday.
I am a week or so behind on my work! :( Sorry for any inconvenience!

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