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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Towels, towels and more towels...

This is what a stack of 12 towels looks like! All 12 monogrammed and 8 with hanging tabs, as requested! Nothing better than brand new white crisp towels!
Hanging tab sewn on for easy hanging:
I looped a piece of grosgrain ribbon and folded it under, sewing around (on the back side) twice. I'm pretty sure it's secure and will hang with no problem. Be sure to double it under so you're sewing 2 layers of ribbon (really 4 because it overlaps) to the towel.

Towels were all color coded per child in primary colors. Like Mallory would have red, Browder would have blue, Garrison would have green. Can't get away with leaving your towel on the floor now!
Here are a couple more towels I did earlier this week. I believe these are just regular towels, but add an applique and a name and it looks like a cute beach or bathroom towel.

And the raggy fish which is one of my favorites!!
It has been a wild day, so I'm off to bed! Someone requested pics of the towels - Graduation is coming up. There are so many things you could do - colored ribbon hanging tab? A more adult applique (recycle, peace sign, etc.)....

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