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Monday, June 8, 2009

A few new fabrics

Here is a precious bow holder I got for Sissy off Etsy! It is pretty big and it is SO CUTE in person, and also matches her room!
Yesterday I drove to Enterprise to pick up the kids, so this morning Browder & I ran up to the Singer Sewing Center and I got a few new fabrics. They were a bit low on ginghams, but had a few cute prints I didn't have, and I also got some more of a couple of polka dots I bought last time and have used quite a bit. I thought this floral was so girly and cute! Love the colors!
I LOVE orange this summer! I thought these were cute!

And here is Garrison today at Sikes & Kohns. Very cute in one pink and one black boot! This was right before I drug him and Mallory out of the store screaming and hollering! Mallory thought it was fun to run down the aisle, so I've got her just running like crazy, Garrison with the boots on REFUSING to take them off, and Browder pouting because I was so stressed out with the others that I couldn't decide on any Crocs for him!! So we left with nothing...
We had a great weekend! The house was so quiet (and a little lonely)! Glad to have the kids back home today! We have a busy week this week and next (VBS) and then comes my vacation, so as you can see up top I'm trying to cut off all new orders until after my vacation. Jeff & I just counted about 55 items that I need to get done before vacation, or in the next 8 or so days. I'm helping with VBS next week so this is going to be a challenge! Please e-mail me with any questions!

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