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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few beach pictures...

This was taken right before we left. We were too lazy to do beach pics this year! G refused to get in the picture.
Me and the kiddies!
Mallory loved the water, sand, whatever - she was perfectly content!
The 3 kids looking at something? Probably fish or something the older cousins caught!
Today I ran errands from 9-12 while B was at art camp. First Starbucks with my 2, my friend Karen and her 2 yr old. Karen managed to get MOST of the fingerprints off the window that the boys smeered all over it! Hopefully I won't be banned from there in the future!! We did sit outside so maybe not so bad! (HA) From there I went to Kudzu Quilt. I could spend days in there and lots of money!! They have FABULOUS modern looking fabric! You know when you're in a place like that and all you need is for your 3 yr old to STAND THERE and wait patiently while you look and think, he is going to decide to mess up all of their neatly placed fat quarters, announce that he needs to go poo poo, lay himself out on the floor (just chillin), etc. That's when my blood pressure goes up!! From there we went to Hobby Wobby (as G called it), Hancocks, Walmart, ate at McDonalds in Walmart, then went to pick up Browder, dropped him off at a friend's house and hit another Walmart looking for plain tees (with not much luck). All this in 96 degree heat not counting the heat index!! I'm so over all this heat...
I got the Ragsland catalog yesterday and saw some things I like (ideas). They have a football with a piece of green ric rac sewn on bottom (looks like grass) - pretty cute! I never think about embellishments like that (ric rac, a little bow, etc). I also like their embroidery - single letter with a little something on each side (lots of these designs at Nobbie Neez and Applique for Kids). They also still have the letter w/ 4 polka dots scattered around it. They always show an A, which works well. Not all letters work - I've tried! Anyway I can't wait to see Kelly's Kids - they always have cute things!

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