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Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF fo sho!!

I went to Target last night and 100 bucks later, came home with a couple of these rope buckets for $6.99 each! They come in a few colors - green, red, hot pink and one other? Great for toys (and kids). I almost want to go buy more.

And here is G... lint brushing his belly... ??
VBS is OVER!! It was a lot of fun! We all came home after eating at Chick Fil A and took like a 3 hour nap. Since we didn't wake up til 5:00 and didn't get out of bed til 5:30, me and the boys are still up! We got a phone call earlier that there was another snake on our street! Some guy picked it up (yes, he picked it up) and threw it in the bushes a couple of doors down. Why he did this we are not sure? Jeff & I walked down there along with another neighbor and didn't see it anywhere. A couple of boys walked by who had heard about it and they got all up in the bushes and couldn't find it. So.... just when I thought I was over our big snake, there is another one on the loose. This one evidently is not so big and definitely a rat snake, and hopefully long gone!
I was perusing tonight and saw some cute designs. You have to sort through all of the character designs, or search: shark, paper dolls and sealife sand castle. I don't think I need any more summer designs but thought those 3 were cute and though the paper dolls would be cute with the right fabric! See, I just can't stop thinking about embroidery!!!!

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