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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be creative!

I'm adding these pics to the post below these pics, if that makes sense!? This is the white romper that said myra jane and had a ladybug (thank you Amie!!). I covered it with this scalloped patch!
One of the benefits of being on vacation is being able to do stuff for MY KIDS!! I love the raggy flower so much that I did it on both of these bubble outfits! If you don't have the raggy appliques, get them at They are so easy and come out SO CUTE!!

Here is the post from earlier today:
Browder just took this photo of me and Mallory. This was a Ragsland bubble that Garrison wore when he was about her age. It had a little golf scene and "garrison" embroidered on it. I hated to throw it out and was not about to try to pick it out, so I managed to cover it with this cute patch so now Sissy can enjoy it for the summer. I have another white Dharma bubble from my friend Amie that had a ladybug and "myra jane" underneath and I covered it with the scalloped patch too. I'll post a pic when she wears it! I have done the scalloped patch this week a few times with just one fabric and a coordinating thread on the stitching with initials inside (ex: green fat gingham with pink stitching on outside, inner circle and initials inside). Very cute! I will get a picture and add it later! We're headed out to run a few errands and eat lunch!

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