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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snake aftermath...

I think we've recovered from the "snake incident" on Tuesday! I'm still paranoid every time I go outside. I make sure I check out the surrounding area before going out the door to get in my car, going to get the mail, taking the trash out, etc... When I think about it I still get chills! That is like my worst fear in the world coming true! I H-A-T-E snakes with a passion! Especially long ones intruding in my space where my 3 kids like to play! I think Jeff feels the same way! If it were to happen again I think we'd do the exact same thing! We've gotten lots of funny comments and e-mails and he's gotten a bad wrap from some of the guys, but I would be willing to bet if most of them had that big long snake crawling in to their garage they would do the same thing!!!!!!!! And in Jeff's defense, where he had the snake pinned with his tire was less than a foot from the garage frame, so there was very little room and not a good angle to shovel it to death! Anyway, hopefully no more snake stories on my monogramming blog!!
Tomorrow it's just me & Mallory, so I'm planning a sewathon all day long in hopes that I can get caught up! I may not shower or dress all day! Will post more tomorrow! :)

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