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Friday, June 12, 2009

New EB applique alphabet!

Here is a special request 1st birthday shirt I did for a customer in Texas. I thought it was a really cute idea! Layering designs is always an option!

And here is a new applique font coming to EB any minute now! Here is your sneak peak (and I got to use all of my new favorite orange fabric when I sampled it!! HA) This font, called CADE, comes with several stitch options including a new one which looks like a squared zig zag (see the "a"). With stitching such as the zig zag, I definitely use Wonder Under to adhere the fabric to the garment when you're done (via the iron!).

I have had a successful day-o-embroidery. I've done 11 items for people and 2 samples for EB. I may do a few more and then shower and hit the sack! I literally got up this morning, threw some clothes on and have only left the house to go to the bank, PO & Starbucks. I had a gold card coupon for a free caramel frap! At first I liked it, then thought I didn't like it, but I surely drank it all so evidently it wasn't half bad!! I'm not a huge caramel person but it was different, I guess...
I'm headed to the church in the morning to help set up for VBS next week, then possibly an errand or two and back home for more sewing! I still have A LOT to do by the end of next week! I definitely put a dent in it today so I'm pleased!! Check out EB for the new font!

1 comment:

Dot said...

RM, How can I get the direction for making the QUILT (for a Class) from Brady Taylor Rolison's collection?
Saw it on FB.
I want to make one with Caroline.
Thanks, mydot