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Sunday, June 14, 2009

When it rains it pours!!

Here is a cute baby gift I just did for someone - she requested these colors to match the nursery. Love the scalloped patch! You can put just about anything on any kind of patch (see new dump truck on the patch up top).
Last night we went out to eat at No Way Jose (or Nose Way Hose Way as Garrison calls it) and then went by the new Academy Sports in Montgomery. Browder took his $$ and bought some new goggles, these 99c goggles for G and a pair of shorts for me. How sweet of him! This pic was taken at 7AM this morning... up in our bed!
First we had the flood of 2009, then the snake of 2009, and today... the storm of 2009. It was one of those good ole afternoon T-storms that pops up seemingly out of nowhere! Jeff DID see it coming on the radar, so he ran (literally) outside and speed-mowed the front yard. Then the bottom fell out. The first pic is actually the "after" shot of him trying to jam the storage room door shut. As you can see it is FLOODING outside, lightening, thunder, the whole 9 yards! And of course I was standing at the side door with my camera in hand!
This is the "before" (I couldn't get the pics to switch places). As he was trying to put his lawn mower up, a good wind caught the door and it came slap off the hinges and was leaning on the tree! He's at Home Depot now trying to find screws to repair it.
What else could possibly happen at this house?
Sew-a-thon was a success on Friday! I did 15 items! Yesterday I helped set up for VBS, then came home and took a good nap and went out last night w/ the fam, so I did nothing yesterday. Today we went to church, took another good nap and I've done 3 things this afternoon. I still have quite a bit to finish this week before official vacation. VBS starts tomorrow and I'll be in the craft room all week from 9-12! Hopefully in the afternoons I can finish any and all work due back this week while the kids nap.
The new dumptruck is from and I just added it to a patch per the customer's request.


Anonymous said...

Life at your house seems to be very "exciting". : ) I think I must have been behind Jeff on his way to Home Depot earlier tonight. I'm sure you won't be getting to my stuff until after July 1, but if so, hold off. I love the things you just posted. I definitely want to use the elephant and maybe the patch so let me rethink this and email you back. I'll let you know ASAP. Thanks! Kelci

Staci said...

Okay, so where did you find the dump truck? Will it be a new one coming out from EB? TKS! Staci

Tracy said...

Never a dull moment! I love it.
I loved the baby gift you did .......where did you get the cute elephant from?
Thanks, Tracy