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Monday, June 9, 2008

They're baaaaaccccckkkkkkk

Doesn't Eminem sing a song about 'back to reality'!? I got the kiddies back yest. afternoon and we were so glad to see them! It's so good to hear Dora in the background as I blog today. Mallory had her first cereal yest (see pic). She didn't actually swallow any and wasn't too thrilled about it. She also slept in her room last night! Still in her bassinet, but in her room (baby steps). She has slept all night since she was 7 wks old - I made 2 early morning treks across the house to put her paci back in but other than that she did great all by her lonesome. B is at art camp. G starts school tomorrow. We decided to send him solo. Countdown to Marmalade House! This will be our 4th year at the Marmalade House in Seagrove (see Garrett Realty). Browder was G's age when we started this annual event w/ my family. We'll have to update our fam photo on the beach this year since we have 2 additions. If my mom ever e-mails it, I have a pic to post of the cutest little SB I've ever seen. The guy made me a mini-me mint mocha frap w/ choc whip yesterday so I could taste it. It was in the cutest little shot cup w/ a mini straw (not sure if he cut it or if they have straws that small??) Anyway it was good, but more like a dessert drink if any of you have seen it and wondered. I was in my mom's car and found her camera - she may think I'm crazy when she sees the pic that I ASKED her to upload & e-mail to me. I did end up vacuuming & mopping yest morning and sewed late into the night last night so this weekend wasn't a total loss.

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The Brown Family said...

oh well- at least it is a start! hopefully you will get a $$ break with the formula soon! she looks like such a big girl in these pics!! she'll be wanting our starbucks before you know it!