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Friday, June 6, 2008

Day One kidless

I met my mom in Troy yest. afternoon!! Last night Jeff & I were out LATE. We were at Target & Kohls at closing time (10:00)!! We didn't know there was such nightlife after dark? We ate at Street (YUM-ME) and shopped some. I have been USELESS today! I haven't cleaned or sewed a single thing. Clothes are still in the dryer from 2 days ago. I got a SB and headed to the pool at 10:15 and stayed til 2:00. It was fun watching other moms w/ their kids. Poor things could barely sit down. I came home, watched TYR on Tivo and took a nap on the couch til Jeff called not too long ago to say they started playing late (surprise...). Off to the shower to get ready for tonight. Party poolside at Wynlakes. I plan to be back poolside sometime tomorrow and maybe I'll do something worthwhile at home....

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The Brown Family said...

hope tonight is fun! we will be at the pool at 10 in the morning if you want to join us.