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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last day...

Last day, or should I say morning, w/out kids... To heck w/ peace & quiet, I miss the door slamming & Diego & walking around w/ G hanging on to my leg. My dustbuster is well rested and ready to work again. I MISS MY KIDS! Last night, once again, we stayed until they cut the lights on. The band wasn't quite as good as last year's band but they were fun( (Amie we're sooooo glad y'all came) Member guest is our one time a year to act like we're 25! Jeff left early to play his last round. I know some of those guys are hatin life right about now. B starts art camp tomorrow. I'm debating on nixing school this summer. He's got art camp, the beach, another VBS, another art camp hopefully at the beach, the schools VBS week which they are off - so we'd be paying for him to go to school for like 2 weeks. It'd be cheaper to do another camp. Then that begs the question, do I send G? I've got to decide by Tuesday!! Better go call and check on the kids and see when we'll meet up.

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The Brown Family said...

agree about the band but we still had fun "letting loose"!! we are glad we came too!!