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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I think G forgot he could crawl out of the crib? Or he's too lazy this week. We did have an incident yesterday - he decided to cop a squat in Mallory's bouncey seat. Only problem is... SHE WAS IN IT!!! Scared me to death! I think Mallory is ready for cereal (already...). She has been gnawing on her fingers - teething already?? I'll have to check books and see when the boys got their first one. I know they can "teethe" for a while. Up to 11 pals on facebook and connected w/ an old friend from HS who lives in FL now. I guess that's what it's for!? Watched The Bachelorette last night. Love the 2 hrs. Couldn't believe she gave the chef a rose. I think he's in the closet. I liked the science teacher but the look on her face said it all. The guy w/ the northern accent won't last. Jeremy seems to be the front runner. I like Jason too but not sure about the child issue. I was glad she kept him!

I think God created VBS for a reason!! For my child to learn more about Him and to have fun - and to give me some peace & quiet!! It is SO quiet w/out Browder!! Jeff's boss doesn't call him motor mouth for nothin!! He LOVES VBS!! He got a CD of songs yesterday so he's got a whole area set up in his room to listen to it and dance!! Of course Garrison is not allowed!!

I will post a pic of another mini flower I did last night on a blanket (w/ a name). I love the miniatures!!

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