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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bye Bye Beach

I tried to blog from the beach but our internet was shotty so I barely checked e-mail!! I came home a little down in my back. I'm not sure if it was my attempt at skim boarding or the canonballs I did in the pool? A 35 year old mother of three has no business doing either. We had a wonderful time! We left in the rain today so it was good to get home to our 80 degree house and lunch at Tips! We turned the a/c on at noon and we're down to 78. I'll post some pics later - other than candid beach shots we had a photog shoot yesterday evening in our white & denim.

There's nothing like a week at the beach to fall in love w/ your children!! Not that I didn't love them before, but with no distractions it was amazing just to watch them and enjoy them. We had pappy boot camp w/ G - he was only allowed to have it in bed. He threw a couple of good fits but overall it was great! He's talking like crazy w/out it! Now it's time for M's won't-be-held-by-granmommy-all-day boot camp! We did "go out" Thurs night! The "big kids" ate at Busters and went to Baytowne to the Village Door (! We did some dancing & people watching and got home around 12:30. Other than that it was beach in the morning, pool/lunch/naps, back to the beach, more pool, dinner and bed. We did watch The Bucket List which was a great movie! And I halfway got to watch The Bachelorette Mon. night. No surprises.

I did locate all of the Starbucks in the area and had a few throughout the week. W/ tax being cheaper I saved a few pennies!! VBS at our church begins tomorrow! I'm also back at work so e-mail me if you need anything monogrammed! I got a Ragsland catalog in the mail and tore out some "ideas"!! Will post a few pics later...

Oh I almost forgot about all of our poop incidents! I won't elaborate too much but a couple involved a hose down in the pine straw by the side of the house!! The other was us waking up at 6 am to G yelling "granmommy" and me finding him w/ poop on his hands & all over the pack & play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always thought that was an urban legend of kids getting in to their dirty diapers. Not so!! So far no one has come down w/ E-coli or Roto!!

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