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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah Home!!

Jeff is watching the Iron Bowl here. poor auburn.

The boys on the beach.

Mallory LOVED the sand.

We're back! Thanksgiving at the beach is so wonderful!! I highly recommend it to anyone. This was our 3rd year and the weather was beautiful (except rain Sat afternoon during iron bowl, but who cares). Browder & G got to swim (indoor pool) and I got to shop (7am-noon Fri). Jeff got to play golf Fri and we ate some great food (Thanksgiving and non). It's good to be home. Traffic was horrible so we took a detour through Ft. Deposit and I don't know where. I just had Ramen for dinner!? I'm not doing any sewing tonight. Just doing a little blogging and blog maintenance and will be cranking out Christmas t-shirts starting tomorrow. I've got plenty to do and pray my machine can keep up! Still contemplating the other machine. It's very expensive so I'm just terrified of such a big purchase (right before Christmas).

Regarding my Brother, I had an e-mail the other day from someone saying they would not buy this machine b/c of all the trouble I have had! Regardless of MY trouble, I HIGHLY recommend this machine (PE-700). It has been a great machine and has a great pricetag! I've monogrammed a lot of things on this machine I probably shouldn't have (bulky bags, etc) and it has held up like a champ! The problems I've had recently have been with tension mostly and user error regarding pre-wound bobbins. I would also recommend taking it to an authorized (or experienced) Brother service center! If I decided not to get the BMP6, I'd get another PE-700 in a heartbeat!

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