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Monday, November 3, 2008

Back in business

I finally picked up my machine!! I called 3 times today so I guess he got the hint? I also got a SB on the way home to give me some oomph so I can do some work (late) tonight after the kids go to bed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring with voting and all. Mallory screamed all the way to the sew & vac place also. She never cries so my luck she is sick!! Since she only has 2 teeth it could be that too (cutting some more). I can't believe tomorrow is voting day! I feel like this is the most important vote I'll ever cast! Hopefully it won't take longer than an hour. I'm sure we'll all be glued to the tele tomorrow evening.

I'll be rushing to do all Thanksgiving shirts ASAP! There is a cute indian applique I want to get too so I'll try to post a picture of it somehow (maybe before I sew it). Here is the link (maybe this will work):

This morning Mallory & I ran errands. We had to ride to Wetumpka so on the way back I stopped by Richtex Fabrics. They had some BEA-U-T-I-FUL fabrics!! Not that I have a lot of money at the moment to decorate anything, but had been wanting to go by there and just look! They have some minky dot too so I may go back and get a little (brown, lt yellow, etc). I was holding M and she actually spit up in between bolts of fabric so I grabbed a swatch of 1 fabric I liked for B's room and left.

We also went by Jan Beale's You Name It. Very cute store! Some of it was expensive I felt like, but it may have been a price including a monogram? It is a hodge podge of decor items, baby clothes & things that can be monogrammed (they do embroidery too), frames.... I guess "You Name It" and she's got it!

THEN I "convinced" (yeah right) Jeff to meet us for lunch at Pizza Perfect and we had a few minutes to kill so we went by My Kids Attic. I love to go thru there and browse and get ideas! Oh, I did see the large market totes at both places for $36 - which included a monogram. Not sure if they are cheaper elsewhere?? I tried to call the lady today who I did those for to ask where she got them, but the store she is associated with was closed today. Will try again!

Better get supper ready so I can work!

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