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Friday, November 21, 2008

Good news, exciting news and bad news

Here are the cute Holiday striped Target pants and the polka dot tree to match! The photo w/ the pants is a little hard to see but I assure you it is C-U-T-E! I also did this tree with the pieced tree star and I eighty-sixed the dots - in the mossy green cord w/ a brown gingham trunk (listed on the right side). Love it!

Another tip for mothers of baby girls (to 12M). I went to Walmart today and got a 2-pack of the cutest little cotton bloomer type pantaloon pants for Mallory for $5.99!! Light pink and a darker pink. They have elastic around the ankle and a little ruffle and everything. (Child of Mine Brand). I took a picture of them, but my camera is being stubborn (see below).

OK...the good news is that Jeff & I are pretty serious about a 2nd machine! We had a lunch meeting today at Wynlakes and I rode over to Sarah Stone this afternoon to see what they had. While I was there I picked up 4 new fabrics. If my camera were cooperating tonight I'd be able to show you. Basically red fine wale cord, a lighter lime green fine wale cord, a light aqua gingham I had never seen and a pink & lime/green/white striped fabric that is super cute. When I get my camera to function I'll post pics. I digress...

The better news is that we're considering a Babylock Embroidery Professional 6 needle high tech machine! This is the machine I went to SS to see in person. I've studied it a little online but needed to lay my eyes on it. The guy who needed to demo it for me wasn't there, so I basically got to stand there and just look at it (and it was BEAUTIFUL!!). But, he called me this evening and if I can, I'll go back Monday to see how it works. I'm so very excited!! I had talked to Ruthie, of Ruthie's Notions, the other day and she tried to sell me on it. Sounded good to me and makes sense, so I talked to Jeff about it today and I think he's on board.

OK...the bad news is that my Brother machine is on the fritz again and I'm about to go chunk it in the ditch behind our house. If I'm lucky the ditch will freeze over tonight. On my way to SS this afternoon I called my sew & vac friend and talked to him about it. When I got home I thought I had figured it out (I was using too-small bobbins), but now the tension is all out of whack so I'm going to call him in the morning and just see if he can get me running to do a few things before Thanksgiving! I've thrown my "do it all" goal out the window and now just hope to finish up a few things that HAD to be done by Tuesday. I looked on the Brother website and am also going to call the Andalusia Sewing Center (AUTHORIZED to service Brother I think) and check in to taking her down there. But if W can just get me by for a couple of days, I'll do the best I can til we go out of town. If we decide to go forth w/ the big daddy, hopefully we can get it ASAP for December!

And now some funny news... Santa went to Target today and bought a big present for Browder and put it in the back of my Suburban. Well, Daddy & Browder were outside this afternoon and Daddy opened the back of the Suburban and then headed in to the storage room without looking. Browder then gasped, ran and asked Daddy what was in the box! Then Browder came in to ask Mommy what was in the box in the back of the car and WHO WAS IT FOR? Mommy stuttered and came up with nothing, so Daddy then told B he'd check it out, and for him to stay inside. Daddy quickly came back in and explained that someone brought a bunch of CLOTHES over here for Mommy to sew and that's what was in the box (not the red motorized scooter!!!!). I think Daddy has now put it up in the attic and I think B was OK w/ that explanation!? We'll see if he brings it up again!
Wish me luck w/ the machine tomorrow! Sister is also sick so I might be spending the morning at the PED office! She's had a little cold this week and had fever and was a little pitiful tonight! She also has her first TERRIBLE diaper rash! :(

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