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Monday, November 10, 2008

New Fabrics

Hancocks is having a HUGE Veteran's Day sale, so of course I had to go stock up on stabilizer and got a few new fabrics!! A light blue fine wale cord (by request) and this cute snowman print (which would be cute trimmed in red or green). Also, they had these cute new lime & pink fabrics, both with teeny white dots! I cannot resist cute fabric (or any fabric for that matter...)

The Sew & Vac guy called me this morning and is basically mortified at what has happened with my machine! He feels really bad and I took it back in around noon. I haven't heard from him this afternoon, but hope to get it back tomorrow sometime. Trying not to be so furious about this (stay positive)! It's not like it's not working at all, just little things not working like they should! Will post more later - I'm headed to Jalapeno's for a very late b-day celebration for me and a couple of girls from church!
Oh, I did hear on the news where Starbuck's 3rd quarter profits were way down?!? I'm doing my best to support them and boost their sales. Amie & I tried the peppermint mocha espresso something today. It was OK! I think I'll stick w/ what I know. Sadly and cute enough, Garrison now asks me if we're getting a "rap-chino" when I ride by.
Jalapeno's was good tonight and so much fun! Since Tipico opened Jeff & I "quit" Jalapeno's. The same guy who used to wait on us is still working there (the one who calls everyone "Miss"). I think some of those waiters eat and sleep at these places? I did see 2 Tips waiters at Wachovia today, depositing those tips I guess. Sadly enough, one of them recognized me and said hey. We eat there about every Sun. after church so recognize me he should! We forgave them for the whole coupon fiasco. They now have specials posted (take your church bulletin in for 15% off!). Anyway dinner was fun! We got to reminiscing about old fads & styles which was hilarious. Jeff got out all of his college pics last night which was fun to look at. He also had a ton of pictures of our first little house and of our house now when we first moved in. At the time I thought both were decorated so cute, but like fashion, I was like "what was I thinking?"

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The Brown Family said...

I agree about sticking to our regulars..I came down with a migraine yesterday! Did you get your machine back?