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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gold Card and Walmart

Here's the cute cupcake with pink minky dot, and also another applique patch/letter combo that is just precious!! I'm really having fun with this design! I ordered some new burp cloths last week from Embroider This. I'm expecting them today via UPS so I hope they are as great as I think and I plan to order more. I also got a couple of micro waffle weave kitchen towels to try out. Again, might order more! If you google "embroidery blanks", you're sure to find all kinds of neat websites that sell blank "stuff"!

surprise... I became a SB gold card member! It's kinda like Books-a-million - you buy a card for $25 and get 10% off every purchase. For buying the card you get a free drink, so it's really $20 and then 10% off each visit. I figure it's worth it for me since I'm through there three times a week (on a good week). They also gave me 4 10% off coupons to hand out to friends.

I met with the guy yesterday afternoon at Sarah Howard Stone about the BMP6. We chatted for a good hour!! We haven't bought or ordered it yet but still very exciting! Afterwards I ran a couple of errands, which included Walmart to pick up a few shirts. I chose the self checkout since I had 3 things. It's Christmas-time so lines are crazy!! There is a lady beside me with a buggy FULL of stuff and she's in the SELF-CHECKOUT!?!?!?!?!?!? Is Walmart not stressful enough?? Do you really need to put yourself through self-checking a whole buggy of groceries???? We've all done the SC-out thing - if you don't throw the item in the bag just right you get a message about skipping bagging, etc. She even had produce in there, so you have to look all that up. I wanted to tap on her shoulder and ask her what she was thinking!

I'm monogramming some big pillow shams right now. The t-shirts keep piling up! I'm trying to do as much as I can before we head to the beach tomorrow. Several days of beach, indoor pool, deals at the outlets (they open at midnight Thurs night) and NO EMBROIDERY will be wonderful!! I'll be dying to get back on Sunday to get back to work, but a few days off will be great! We'll have a laptop so I'm sure I'll blog a little from down there too.
I did buy 2 new designs last night from (a very confusing website I might add). I got the simple reindeer w/ the big antlers and the puppy dog (on the singles, 5x7 section). Both cute!!

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