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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

We took a family trip up to Prattville tonight to Bass Pro Shops! Santa was there along with some cool things for the kids to do. "Where is Garrison?" you ask. He wanted no part of Santa. Mallory loved it! This is her second sit-down with Santa. Sweet Browder told Santa he wanted a (Pottery Barn Kids) chair for his sister with her name on it (so he can use it with his and G's to make "forts" in his room), a bed for his room (Santa was probably thinking "what?") and a fast scooter. That's his list!
B also got to sit down and write Santa a letter. We put my e-mail address on there so Santa can write us back! Guess Santa is computer savvy.

Here is G yesterday ALL IN my stuff! He & I went round & round all day. I need to make him a shirt that says I'M TWO!!!!!!!!!

Tonight we also ate at Mexico Tipico (Prattville), not to be confused with Tipico de Mexico (Montgomery). I came as close as I have ever come to getting me and my family up and just walking out!! We had THE rudest waiter. He got nicer towards the end (ticket and tip time). Let me just say that at one point I offered to go get my own tea b/c he was giving me such attitude!! Can mexican restaurant waiters afford to be rude? Do they not realize that 20% of a taco won't buy them a gallon of gas? They did accept our coupon though and explained the whole coupon saga to Jeff. I'm not sure what he said but someone goofed!
I cannot remember who asked me for it, but I did get some brown minky dot today. I also got a (very cute) zebra fabric to do a shirt for someone for a hair salon - can't wait to see how it turns out. I noted above that I'd like to not take any new orders til after Thanksgiving. Even with working til midnight every night and every moment I get during the day, I have SO MUCH to do that I felt I needed to institute a cutoff and just try to get done what I have. E-mail me with any questions!
After school today I think I inhaled something somewhere and decided to take all 3 kids by Linens & Things. I'm looking for some blackout curtains I can put in G's room to help prevent the roosters from waking up at 6am. Needless to say I left with everyone crying (including me) and everyone in the store staring at me, and with no curtains. When do they get over the "he's sitting on my hand, ouch, hair pulling, crying, 'I don't want to sit by him' " - you know, all that? Believe you me, the Santa threats began today! I put him on speed dial before we got out of the parking lot. The Elf is about to appear on the Shelf!! Goodnight! I'm sure I had some other blog topics but it's 12:20 and I'm off to bed.

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Nana Jan said...

can you tell me where to find minky dot fabric here in the Montgomery area? Thanks,
Jan Melton