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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ever feel like you just can't get ahead?

As you may have read, I took my machine back in Fri. because the thread tension was off. I was having to manually adjust it for each job. They fixed it and I picked it up yesterday (Sat). I sit down to work today, and the first pull of my automatic needle threader... POP... a little piece of plastic falls out and it no longer works! You can imagine my dismay as paying 60 bucks to get my machine "cleaned", and it seems to be falling apart! I can still work - just have to thread the needle each time where I used to pull a lever and it did it for me. Frustrating!! I called and left a message for my "sewing machine guy" even though they are closed today - a forewarning that he'll be seeing me again tomorrow morning!

My camera software is acting up right now too. What else can go wrong? Do I laugh, cry or throw in the towel for the day?

I also noted above about t-shirts. I get maybe 5 e-mails a day (at least, no kidding!) from either fellow embroidery moms wanting to know where I found a particular design, or moms who have come across my blog and want t-shirts! I always try to share info about where I've gotten certain designs (if I can remember). I believe in networking!! As far as t-shirts, I really prefer to provide my embroidery services on YOUR shirts. You know what size your child wears, whether or not you like a girl style or boy style shirt, and not to mention what color will match those pair of pants you just bought. The last thing I want to do is send you a shirt and it be too big or small or not what you had in mind! Target has wonderful girl shirts this season (toddler and youth). Their toddler boy shirts have pockets and I have yet to see youth boy shirts with long sleeves. Walmart has EXCELLENT shirts, boy or girl, toddler or youth! I have heard Old Navy does too, however I haven't been there. These stores also have turtlenecks which are also great for applique. I have also listed several websites where you can order t-shirts and Jiffy Shirts in particular ships very fast! Until I figure out a system where I can provide shirts without having to travel all over town or have a drawer full of unused t-shirts I have paid for, I'm trying to stick with doing YOUR shirts! Stay tuned... I will figure it out eventually...

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