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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our first hair bow!!!

Mal wore her first hair bow to Wynlakes tonight! Her bangs have gotten long and I've tried the bow before, but it just didn't seem right! I tried it again tonight and thought she looked precious, so we have now entered the realm of hair bows!! I also got some tiny little hair clips at Target too (A, I found the teeny ones). She also had a roll & mashed potatoes for dinner. She's gotten to where she spits baby food which is lovely.

This morning Amie & I sat at SB for 2 HOURS! It was absolutely wonderful, and much needed! Garrison, whom I like to call my poster child for terrible 2's, was up at about 6:30 and pitched a complete fit until 7:00 this morning. THEN I go thru carpool at B's school and an unidentified mom in front of me parks her car, gets out, gets her child out, walks her child to the door, stands there waving for 5 minutes, starts toward her car, then goes back to wave some more... while we're all sitting there waiting for her. After my morning I was NOT in the mood. Note to self: Browder listens to everything!! "momma, "what the" what?" THANK YOU AMIE for wanting to go. I got a VENTI! Of course then I ran to Walmart and was wondering how long it would take an ambulance to find me in there. My heart was racing and I was sweating b/c I drank a venti mocha frappacino for B'fast.

I'll be posting some new Thanksgiving designs very soon. EB has a super cute pilgrim boy, pilgrim girl & indian set coming out. I also did a gingerbread man which is very cute. Once Rachel gets them on the web I'll post my pics. I know she has lots of ideas and new Christmas designs in the works too, so check her website often (

Off to work. I can't come home nowadays without a bag of stuff hanging on my door!! It's gotten to be a game, coming home and seeing what's waiting for me!

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The Brown Family said...

Mallory looks PRECIOUS! There is no turning back now...and mine have all held up in the washing machine:)