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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Down to 50something

I've sewn so much I broke a hoop! I've done a lot this week - I'm down to (old) orders from 9 customers to total about 50 items. 12 are bags for one person which I may or may not finish by Tues since they are Christmas gifts and not Christmas t-shirts (which will need to be worn starting Nov. ?? day after Thanksgiving). I have a few orders lining up for after turkey day, and have a shelf of stuff that I'm holding and haven't gotten instructions for yet, so those don't count!

I went to the SHG Ladies Night this afternoon and it was PACKED!! If you received the flyer via e-mail, that 30% coupon doesn't expire yet so you can still go SHOP and SAVE!! A lot of things are on sale regardless!

On our way home from din din at Wynlakes last night Jeff dropped me off for a quick run thru Target. You know, the juice pickup which turns in to me sprinting across the store looking at this and that (the ottoman). I went in for juice and Vicks vapor rub and walked out w/ 2 bags full and a tabletop ironing board (which I LOVE by the way). Jeff was like "what's THAT?". I quickly told him that had I had a buggy, I would have walked out w/ 2 bags, an ironing board AND an ottoman! It does match Mal's room but I'm still deciding if it might be overkill. I may just get it, bring it home and see, and return it if need be.

It's 10:21 and I am headed to bed. This will be the earliest I've gone to bed in weeks. I need some rest so my brain will start working again. Happy Friday tomorrow - also my last day before the Thanksgiving break so I'm going to enjoy my morning!!

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