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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How much is too much?

I'm walking (running around) in Target today and see a little storage ottoman that catches my eye! I'm thinking it matches Mallory's bedding but I don't have my fabric swatches with me (yes I keep a ziploc usually in my car - you never know...). I have like negative 5 minutes to spare so I check out and run to my car, then checked my fabric when I got in my car and YES, it is the stripe that goes w/ her bedding (Javis Davis Watermelon Paisley, polka dot, stripe). The ottoman is only $40! And it has storage! I also look online to find that Tar-jette has teen furniture in her fabric (the paisley)!!!!!!!!!!! Not that we need teen furniture, but I go crazy when I see anything in her fabric. I bought all kinds of baskets w/ liners and such at Michael's when I was pregnant. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH MATCHY MATCHY FABRIC?? I've ordered her a grass green PBK anywhere chair (which Browder will probably take over until she's bigger). My plan is to applique an M on it w/ her paisley fabric. Do I need an ottoman too? It looks like a little stool. I probably don't...

I'm chipping away at my "quota". I did quite a bit yesterday so now I'm down to 62, and some of that doesn't HAVE to be done by Tuesday. I didn't blog about the 80 to scare anyone or for anyone to worry about me. PLEASE still call and e-mail and talk to me in the store - I'm not THAT busy!! The deadline is one I placed on myself!

I got the Michael Miller Play Dot Christmas fabric today - my camera is currently dead but it's the same fabric used in the newest Christmas tree. Very cute stuff! I got it from E-bayer buythebolt.

Jeff & I are contemplating a 2nd machine! Stay tuned for that...

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