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Monday, February 2, 2009

A few bibs that are available...

Here are all of the bibs I got at Market last month. The first 8 are 3 Marthas ( which retail for $18-$24+ with no monogramming. If you're interested in any of these please e-mail me for pricing. The first 4 are BIG bibs - about 11x12. This one would be great with a blue monogram:
Pink name:
Green or pink:
Blue or yellow:
And these are just plain and perfect for a monogram! The first 2 have a waffle weave fabric on them and are about 9x7 (navy gingham and brown & white polka dot - which could go for girl too).
These are all terry and also 9x7:
Below are white bibs which are about 7x10 (I only have 3 of these left) - perfect for boy or girl - with a monogram or applique. They are a light quilted type cotton and you've probably seen these in the stores (Storkland in M'gomery).


Anonymous said...

wow, love those. Love the polka dots. You should sell out of those quick! Blessings, H.

Cathy said...

I love the quality of your burp cloths! Where do you buy them from?

Michelle said...

LOVE the first green and blue bib...actually love them all! Please send me some info. re. purchasing them. Here is my e-mail:
Thanks- your work is beautiful!!!