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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zoo pics and Happy Birthday Mallory!

Here are a few pics from the Zoo Monday. It was actually pretty chilly when we got there, hence all of the bundling! B & G had a GREAT time! I don't remember Browder being as interested in the animals at G's age - but Garrison LOVED it! He's really in to Diego, so a lot of the animals he's seen on Diego were at the Zoo! The Brown's went with us so Amie & I had reinforcements in keeping up with 5 kids. After walking the entire Zoo, we let them play on the playground, then left and did McDonald's on the way home. Needless to say they were pooped.

White tiger in the background!

Mallory's cute crochet M hat lasted about 2 minutes!

Here are a couple of burp cloths I did today. The girl who ordered them e-mailed me a picture of her friend's crib bedding, which is very similar to Mallory's. Crazy enough, I had samples of her crib bedding so I was able to use her fabrics! On the H one, I did a big H on one end, and her name on the other. So.... if the burp cloth is on her shoulder, there is an H on one end and her name on the back side, or vice versa! Of course the H works both ways, but I thought this was a cute new way to do a burp cloth with a name.

Again, these are sample fabrics I had (literally squares). I wanted to use several fabrics on this one so I did this Designs by Juju flower in a pot (which I had not done yet) and it turned out cute! I actually put the baby's initials down on the pot part, but just took the pic for the blog before that last step!

Here's a pic of the boys singing "Happy Birthday" to Mallory this morning (eating her birthday toast)! She went to school this morning and I sent cookies for her class. We're doing a family party on 3/1, but tonight will have a little b-day dinner and I got some little cupcakes for her to dig in to from Publix. I can't believe she is ONE today!!

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