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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A new day...

I took G to the Dr yesterday and he got a steroid shot and barely coughed at all last night, so YEAH!! Mallory is also better and hopefully these 2 will return to school tomorrow (so Mommy can regain her sanity). I shipped off 15 more dance studio shirts I had been working on last night, washed my tablecloth and cleaned up (dusted) my sewing area and feel MUCH BETTER! The rest of the house is filthy but we'll get to that this weekend.

This morning I had a hankering for a warm drink and remembered the McDonald's fancy coffee they are now serving (I had been wanting to try it out). Please note that they don't serve it at every MCD location!! Evidently the Taylor Rd McD visitors don't drink froofy coffee - which doesn't make sense since that is such a high traffic area for travelers? Anyway, I had to backtrack to the one behind Eastchase near Wynlakes. I managed about 4 sips and it went in the trash. They look sooooo good, but I just didn't like it! The Starbucks people think I'm crazy when I come in and order Frappaccino's when it's 30 degrees, but I just can't find a hot version I like!

I'm working on samples for EB today since I got behind this week with sick kids! Also trying to finish up some stuff for customers too! Sorry for any and all delay!

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