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Monday, February 23, 2009

My paci clip...

I just attempted the paci clip! It's not exactly like the ones everyone e-mailed me about, or that I have seen on e-bay and etsy, but it might do for Mallory for the time being, huh? I previously made her just a ribbon paci clip (brown ribbon w/ white dots). The white dots were wearing off and it was nasty with spit-up, so I threw it away. I salvaged the clip part and was going to just make another ribbon one for the time being (this time using solid pink ribbon). I got out my button kit (that was ever so intimidating to me for some reason???) ... it was SO EASY!!!! Then I tried sewing the button on the ribbon, which didn't work b/c the ribbon isn't substantial enough. So then I took the button apart and put the ribbon inside the button, which seems to work with the type clip I'm using. I need a different clip and THANKS to everyone who e-mailed me about what to get and where to get it! I don't know that I will start making these all the time, but at least now I know how the covered button works! I don't know why I was so afraid to use it!? It's a cool little gadget, just like the snap kit - really handy to have around!
Thanks again to everyone who e-mailed!

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monogram momma said...

O.K. now that you can cover a boutton there is so much more you can do (ponytail holders, bobby pins, mirrors, badge reel, pins and probably even more).I get most of my supplies at hobby lobby, badge reels at wm (with keychains in jewlry), and I order my buttos from (cheapest I've found).Hope this helps but you probably have already seen all these things.I enjoy looking at your blog and getting great ideas, cute stuff!I just ordered a few of those rompers from jiffy for my son.
Happy Monogramming, Brandy