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Friday, February 13, 2009

Target find...

I got these cute shorts today at Target - $9.99! I have old Ragsland shorts similar to these and both boys wore them to death, so I was quick to snatch these up when I saw them this morning. I even had G stripped down to his diaper in the buggy trying them on! They go up to 5T and I'm hoping Browder can wear them since he's skinny minny. They do come with the adjustable waist which is a must unless elastic is involved!

Target has youth plain short sleeve tees in some great colors. Toddler - I only saw the pocket tees for boys and nothing plain yet for the girls.

The reason I went to Target was to get poor Browder some new undies! Yesterday he showed me the elastic marks on his SKIN and asked if I would please buy him some new underwear. I looked at the tags and he has been wearing the same 4T Lightening McQueen undies for about 2 years. Poor thing! I just haven't thought about buying underwear!!

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