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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Le pink chenille

I got the sweetest light pink chenille today at Hobby Lobby. It's the only color they had! I have these big plans (and a pattern) to make Mallory some bibs and this would be perfect for the underside! Granted I've had the pattern for 2 months and haven't attempted it yet. I also have fabric to make her an a-line dress (or something). I guess I'll schedule those projects for 11:00 one night after everything else is done.

I'm working on some rompers I ordered for a friend. They are way cute!! The brand is apples & oranges and you can find them at They are neat colors and have cute white zig zag stitching on the sleeves & around the neck. I really want to get some for Mallory and have a big twin baby gift project I'm working on too and might get a couple! Jiffy has great prices and cheap fast shipping as well!

This morning I had my usual Starbucks meeting of the minds (w/ Amie) and then went fabric hunting! Someone brought me a cute orange Garanimals t-shirt for a boy. Well.... fabric with orange for a boy is next to impossible to find! I think we've decided on a lime gingham alligator with blue "things" on it's back? What are those called? Anyway, after that I hit the mall and Belk. I don't know that I've been in Belk since it became Belk? I've been missing out! A) great sales right now. I got some great lightweight cute sweaters for $7!!!!!!! I also got a pair of boots (that I'm not 100% sure won't make me look like an idiot) for like $20. We're taking Browder to Deer Valley, UT next month so I've been on the hunt for some Utah looking boots, which is next to impossible in mid-February. I'm envisioning boots with some fur (like the Lo Lo Lo song) and I'm wondering if skinny jeans are going to be a necessity? OH NO!! Anyway I have found a few sweaters to take so hopefully I'll be dressed OK out there. I can't remember what my point B) was for Belk...

Tomorrow I pick up my CCE check! I sold all but 1 pair of shoes!! YEAH!! I guess the recession makes for good consigning? Yesterday we went to Target and got Valentine's. I had Browder fill his out, and then I threw them in the trash! I bought the Nerds candy Valentine's not realizing the card said "Here's looking at you, NERD!!" or something to that affect. I just couldn't send them to school! Granted he nor his friends probably know what a nerd is, but I just thought it was a little much. So now I have like 30 boxes of nerds and today bought Spiderman Valentine's with no candy. And yes, he had to fill them all out all over again!!

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