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Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friday...

I started my day by dropping all of the kiddies off at school, then heading to Wetumpka. I'm about out of big cello bags (Caffco) and wanted to ride up to Beth's Heirloom to get some of their little white baby bibs. I got the last one they had, and walked out with 6 new fabrics and a pattern for Mallory! It's a precious little sleeveless, scallop bottom top and bloomers set. Let me just add it to my growing pile of "things I think I have time to sew".

The great thing with applique is that 1/4 yard goes a long way, so I got the cute lime seersucker above along with a polka dot print that screamed EASTER.

I also got a few more ginghams, because the 60 ginghams that I have are just not enough. The big lime & aqua were really cheap and the other one I got to match some of the Apples & Oranges stuff I got for my twin gift.

Lastly, I struggle with cute boy fabric so I couldn't resist this fabric! You just can't go wrong with gingham (or checked?)!!

After leaving Beth's I swung by Caffco Outlet and got some clear cello bags. They have all sizes and I use them for my little biz of course, but they are also great for gifts! At 20-35 c/each, they just add to the presentation of a person's finished product! I keep old raffia and such and use the scraps to tie my bags!

After Caffco I met my old Frazer Lanier buds at LaJolla for our quarterly 2 hour lunch.

THEN.... I decide to go to Target. I knew when I was in the dressing room and overheard the words "get everyone in to the aisles", I should have bolted. I headed to the front with my purchases (including some $11.47 skinny jeans for my boots for my ski trip) to find that they had closed all the registers and were herding everyone back to the electronics section because the sirens were going off (which means there is a storm probably in Selma). 25 minutes later they finally let us check out in electronics and escape the store. Registers up front were all closed when I left, and yet people were still filing in. I warned a girl getting out of the car next to me, but she decided to go for it and headed in to the store. Poor thing may still be there!!

Jeff's mom picked up the kids for the afternoon so it has been wonderful to have more than 3 hours to do whatever I want!

We also got B's acceptance letter today from Eastwood School and I AM SO EXCITED!!! I struggled so much with the decision of where we wanted him to go, and know we totally made the right decision and all of the 'what if's' are long gone!! Now I just pray for everyone else who has to wait for their letters for all the other schools!!

One more thing... last Sunday Jeff got to go see Siran Stacey at Frazer UMC and I was able to catch it on the Frazer channel last night. Whoa!! He's a former football star here in AL who was in a car wreck a couple of years ago and his wife Ellen and 4 out of his 5 children were killed. He and ONE of his children survived! He has an amazing message! Highly recommend seeing it if you are local and can get the Frazer channel!! OR, you can watch it online at - upper right corner you will see the link! It's long, but worth watching (or at least listening to)!! He does give a neat visual illustration on his Calling, so that part is better if you watch him!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your site. I am new to applique's, I have only sewn 3. I am hooked! I work from home and have an embroidery business. Thanks for your willingness to help others. Your stuff is too cute! I was wondering if you could help me? I have had a few customers ask for diaper covers and I have tons of vendors, but have no idea where to begin. The ones I have checked have a high minimum order. Do you mind telling me where you get yours?