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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Croup, take 2...

I heard the dreaded cough this morning. I think it was 4:23 and it was not Browder! Another one bites the dust ~ Garrison! So I crawled in the bed in between him and Browder (in B's FULL SIZE bed). The humidifier was already on so I gave him a little cough med and listened to him cough. He never really got up or seemed aggitated, so I just petted him and we eventually went back to sleep. Jeff suggested I take him outside, but I figured since he was calm and just coughing, I wouldn't disturb him too much. He is my child who flips out very easily, so as long as he was just coughing I wasn't about to drag him outside in to the freezing cold!!

This morning I woke up with little sleep, an accident on one side of me (yes, pee) and croup on the other. Lovely!!

So back to the Dr and another $30 copay!! Browder went to school and it's FREEZING outside, so I'm getting very little done today! I had several errands to run but will have to wait til Jeff gets home from work. I didn't send Mal to school either b/c she has a cold as well. I'm hoping Dr. G will check her over without pulling her file b/c I'm almost sure she'll be next! I JUST uttered these words on Friday to some friends..."my kids never get sick". They really have not been sick in FOREVER, so I guess we're due!?

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