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Monday, February 2, 2009

Croup, snot and cute t-shirts...

Browder woke us up at 1:44 last night. Evidently he was having a croup attack and neither of us heard him! He said he'd been coughing real bad so Jeff sends him away for a sip of water. As soon as I heard him cough I knew what it was. Poor thing had been choking and coughing to death and we were in dreamland. Anyway, I whipped out my Pediatric Healthcare book (a wonderful resource from our PED, see, gave him some cough medicine and set up the humidifier in his room. Got my pillow and blanket and we hunkered down til morning! He has been fine today and we went to the Dr and got some oral medicine. He had croup once as a baby and is rarely sick, so nothing to worry about! And then there is snot factory Mallory! She's had about an hour nap all day. I've dosed her up with Tylenol and Orajel and she's now playing with a big box. Her little nose is running like a faucet and she woke up from her short nap crying so I'm thinking maybe some more teeth are coming since she only has 2 and is almost 1?? Not sure! By the way, how does an 11 month old know exactly where the power button is on my computer? She goes for it every time!

I got an e-mail about one of the 1,000 clothes shows out there, and saw these super cute t-shirts which are evidently screenprinted. Check out: A friend of mine has a couple of these and I think they are so cute!! Not to promote non-applique, but this is cute personalized alternative! Great inspiration for me too ~ I like their use of colors!

Child #3 is now whining from his bed (nap) and yelling my name. I JUST told some friends on Friday 'my kids never get sick'!!!! CURSED!!

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