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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apples & Oranges and the Orange Tee

Here is the orange tee I had so much trouble with. I have quite a few cute girl fabrics that work with orange but very little in the boy department (which is surprising even with primary colors). Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby, Hancocks and Kudzu Quilt and found nothing! Then we came up with this and it turned out SO CUTE!! I love the lime & bright blue on the orange. Still on the hunt for something else to go with orange, but this is a great option too if you don't want to go the War Eagle route!

And here are the Apples & Oranges rompers I mentioned yesterday. These have short sleeves and long pants, but they also have other styles (onesies and shorts rompers, meaning they have a little leg, and some t-shirts for infants (to 24 mo). I ordered a few things yesterday so I'll post some pictures when I get them! I ordered some bibs, hooded towels, blankets for my twin baby gift I'm working on. Hopefully they are as cute as these rompers!! If they are I will order more for my stash!

LOVE this lamb, or is it a sheep? Looks great with the chenille and I got pink chenille yesterday.

Today I picked up my CCE check! YEAH! Always great to get that check! Then went to my Titus 2 bible study group til noon. At 12:32 I made it to Belk and ran (literally) with the kids in to return the boots. After further investigation on e-bay, I decided they weren't what I wanted!! Then we picked up B, swang thru Mickey D's and SB's and came home to do a little work. B has a soccer game at 5:15 and then I'm off to Bunko (and will hopefully WIN - yeah right). The little ones don't have school tomorrow and they are all of Monday, so hopefully the weather will remain so we can make a trip to the zoo Monday. Tomorrow I hope to get caught up on embroidery - still have 2 piles I'm working on for 2 people.

I got the best cutest green market tote today (the ones w/ the metal handle) and once I get it monogrammed I'll post a picture. I'm so excited about this thing! It seems like I'm lugging 15 things everywhere I go and make 8 trips to the car before we get in, so hopefully it'll make my life a little easier. Mine came from the Brass Fountain ($22) in Cloverdale, which is a great price!! Even with a monogram they are cheaper than anywhere else I've seen - which has been $36 and up personalization included. Look for a pic in the next day or two!

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