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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Rivers Recon

Here are a few pics - every morning sneaky G gets up around 6:30 or 7:00 and scales the pantry for whatever he can find. Usually potato chips. Yesterday morning I finally caught him in the act!! You'll notice he's chunked the bag of sour cream & onion chips down to the floor. No doubt he's looking for the Oreos which Jeff hid on top of the fridge! Nevermind the box of BREAKFAST bars that are right there in reaching distance!! The other pic is of Mallory after a bath! For an almost-1 year old (on the 18th) she has a ton of hair!! It's a constant battle with the hair bow!!

I got an e-mail this morning that an "interview" (not really an interview, but rather me answering a few questions) was up on the web! Check it out! This is a great blog for anyone interested in Montgomery or anyone who might be relocating to Montgomery or the surrounding area ~ lots of inside scoop you might not find on a typical website or blog. I answered a few questions regarding our neighborhood and why we chose to move here! It's hard to believe that when we built this house it was just me and Jeff and Bear (who is now in doggy heaven). 3 kids later and here we still are!!

I did a lot of work yesterday and have 2 more piles (for 2 people) to work on this week. Mal is taking a little nap and I think after she gets up we'll pile in the suburban for a trip to Target to buy Valentine's. Jeff & I have our parent interview tonight for Eastwood School so we're going out to eat beforehand (at like 5:30!!). We're debating on Street Cafe, El Rey or Tomatino's? Our plan is to drop the kids off and take my #1 machine by SHS to be fixed. Yes, it has been sitting in the corner since I got the new one. I've used it a little, but she still has some issues so we're taking her in so hopefully I will have 2 good machines in the event there is a spring rush.

Someone told me about a cute fabric website yesterday - Very cute and a lot of great funky looking fabrics! I even recognized one of my 3 Marthas bib fabrics!! I did a cute Big Brother shirt yesterday and will post a pic w/ my other Big Bro designs on the right. Very cute!!

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The Brown Family said...

LOVED the pics! Mallory's hair is wild!!! Can't wait to hear about your interview tomorrow. Enjoy dinner out!!