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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been busy!

Here are a couple of onesies I did for someone - very cute for a baby girl! The strawberry is very cute for summer I think. I've been very busy this week. I got 5 burp cloth orders yesterday alone - I guess spring is baby time? I'm also working on 19 more dance shirts and my twin baby gift. Oh yes, and 3 kids!! Does anyone else unload the dishwasher daily? Loads of laundry - at least 2 a day? It's neverending! I figure 3 cups per meal just for the kids, so that could be up to 15 dirty cups a day with snacks. Not to mention all the sheets REALLY need washing and I can't seem to find the time (as I sit here on the computer).
Mallory had her 1 yr check up Monday! She is getting brave - standing up and letting go (and looking so proud!). Girlfriend can balance on her knees (sometimes one knee down and one knee up like a baseball player) so I know she's on the brink of walking.
I started her birthday hat, but have not put it together yet. I used poster board and have the fabric cut and monogrammed - just need to glue it to the poster, wrap it around and glue it and add the trim and ribbon. My only dilemna right now is that I can't get the fabric smooth! Maybe when I glue it it will help. Fabric can be so thin that when you monogram it (even with 2 layers of stabilizer), once you unhoop it tends to gather. I'll try to finish it this afternoon and post a picture.
Off to eat mexican w/ Jeff! Today we're trying the new Cuco's on Chantilly. Shhhh - just don't tell Tips!

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monogram momma said...

O.k. I am just curious, what kind of dance shirts are you doing?I am looking for ways to expand my options and it sounds like you are doing well with them and my mother-in-law is close with a lady who owns a studio in a nearby town and has commented that I need to talk with her but I don't know what types of things to suggest.I am a stay at home mom as well and would like to broden my income if you know what I mean.