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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few pictures...

Isn't this the cutest picture (that she'll hate me for one day)!! Notice the ONE SHOE, NO SHIRT, SAGGY DIAPER and BIG BELLY... with a BOW in her hair!! So cute! I think this was a drooly snotty day where I just gave up and took her shirt off. Mallory will be 1 on Feb. 18 (less than TWO weeks) - still 2 lone teeth and not walking yet! She just likes to stand a lot.
We don't have a Wii here at the Gulledge household. We like to think of ourselves as old school. We have the Pacman joystick which also comes with Gallaga and 3 other great arcade games (pole position is one). Browder really gets in to it and does a dance when he gets to the blue board, you know where Mr and Mrs Pacman meet. He's dressed for indoor soccer ~ I went to a WIC dinner w/ my mother in law so I missed the game and he SCORED a goal!!
And one sneak peak of a crab for EB! I've been trying to catch up with samples today and thought this one was cute! Crab screams SUMMER!! Crabs don't necessarily have to be red either. I did a crab last year in an orange fabric and it was cute!

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