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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday recap...

These pics are a little out of order, but here is Mallory enjoying her little cupcake after dinner Wed. night! We ate at Mimi's Cafe in Montgomery and it was FINE!! We went on the heels of a tornado warning (sirens and all), so we got right in. I was told there was a 40 minute wait last night, so evidently this place is doing well. I highly recommend it! One thing I've never seen before - when we sat down they brought Mallory a little plate - on it was a plastic bib, a little bowl of cheerios, a pack of saltines and an orange slice. I thought that was pretty clever! Oh, and a wet wipe!!

Here is B & G singing Happy Birthday. I meant MINI when I said little cupcake!! We are having a family party next Sun, so we'll do the whole cake then. She ate this cupcake up!!

This is her at Mimi's just being cute, playing with a spoon.

And here is my market tote that I FINALLY monogrammed! These things are tricky to monogram on my machine, so I did mine close to the top and it's cute! Again (from a previous post), you can find these at The Brass Fountain for $22! That is cheap!

As you can see I changed my blog background! That's what I love about a blog - it's very easy to change things up when you want to! The Cutest Blog On The Block has this polka dot background in several colors (salmon, pink, green, yellow, purple).
I've gotten several e-mails regarding my paci clip project - thanks everyone!! I'll post a pic when I ever get the clips and make one. I also got the "stuff" the other day to make Mallory a birthday hat, but I haven't attempted it yet. Maybe I can get it done by the time we do her little party. Again, I'll post a picture (if it turns out OK!)

Jeff & I have started this Fri night movie thing the past few weeks. We've watched Fireproof, Juno and tonight we're watching Baby Mama (Tina Fey). I heard it was cute!

New design posted - raggy flower. This applique is done with a later of flannel underneath and is SO CUTE in person! I also have a raggy cross, butterfly, star, angel, cross, pumpkin and maybe one or two more. You've probably seen them at EB - if you don't have them, get them! They are super cute and easy to do!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pink mono on the green. That is the color I was thinking, too. But I was wondering with all the black if it would look good. It does!! Also, I really like it pushed up in the corner too.