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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back among the living... I think!

Here is the girl version of the surfboards I did on a big lime green towel! I thought it turned out cute! (The dirty looking spot beneath the middle surfboard is my starting point - air erasable marker which disappears with a little time).
And here is the most precious pillowcase G got from his Aunt Kitty! Browder got one too! I did not sew these, but thought it was so cute and the boys LOVE the pirate-ness of them! (I don't think this is a MW font)
I think I am back among the living! I had a dental appointment today so it was our first outing since school got out with me and all of the kids! I took G with me and my SIL kept the other 2, then I got them back and I took them all to Chappy's to eat lunch, got the boys' hair cut, got me a SB (my first in a WHILE) and came home to a little laundry, cleaning and monogramming. We spent a couple of hours outside this afternoon too when everyone woke up from naps. Before today I've barely gotten the mail! I do go to my Dr. tomorrow afternoon and had Primed fax over my blood labs to my Dr. so hopefully he can recheck and hopefully show everything is back to normal (or headed that way).
Jeff set me up with a "production schedule" the other night, so this week I'm doing 6 pieces a day. That would mean I could take the weekend off and then figure out my production schedule for next week depending on how much I have on shelf #2. I guess on Monday shelf #2 moves up to shelf #1 and everything new gets put on shelf #2? That puts me completing new items about a week out, which seems reasonable!!
The new EB applique font is called Dotty I believe, and I'm not sure if it's up on the web yet? Keep checking! Rachel sent me a bunch of new girly designs today too. Once I get done with my "production schedule" for the day I will start working on them!

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Anonymous said...

I love the font on the pillowcase. Is that a font from MW? I have MW but don't think I have that font. Thanks!