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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few pictures...

Here's a pic of G in the whale shirt I made him. I already had the red gingham shorts. This is a GREAT whale (from EB)! I've done it in yellow seersucker as well and it was cute! I like the red on the light blue Garanimals T!
And here is G on Mallory's changing table. He had both doors shut inside like a bird! This was an old TV armoire Jeff & I bought when we first got married. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture so we put it to use as a changing table in her room.
And thanks to this blog, I get many customers and orders from all over! This was a special onesie and bib I did for a sweet first birthday! This went all the way to NY! The mom mentioned taking a photo for her party invitation - great idea!

And lastly, Jeff is so great about taking the kids jogging. B usually rides his scooter, but unfortunately on this day the scooter battery died so I see Jeff headed up the driveway pushing both boys with the scooter in tow! Jeff did make the trip to Primed today (after telling me smartly when I decided to go the other day "you're going to be there for three hours!!!!!"). He has strep throat and tonsilitis!! :( Hopefully the meds and shot will kick in overnight and he'll be back among the living sometime tomorrow!

Today I took the boys to Wynlakes to the pool. Browder has been fine all day after our adventure yesterday to B'ham by the way. Our first pool trip for the year and it was surprisingly fun and easy! I put Mal in sitter service, then ran her home for a nap while Jeff was laid up in the bed. Browder is swimming like a fish and Garrison was up to his neck kicking and doing great in the water (with swimmies on of course)! I could almost lounge in a chair and just watch them!!
Doing a little monogramming tonight! The production schedule thing worked really well last week. My turnaround is a week to two weeks and I'm finally feeling like I'm not killing myself and sewing 12 hours a day trying to get everything done! Since school has gotten out it has been a challenge balancing 3 kids and work! Thank you Jeff for putting me on the schedule!!

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Amanda said...

Rosemary...the other day you mentioned something in your blog about you're not supposed to use spray adhesive, but you do anyway. I embroider in my dining room w/ hardwood floors, and that spray adhesive is really mucking them up. Any suggestions on what to use in place of spray adhesive or what to clean the floors w/? Would it be better if I moved my machine to a carpeted floor? (I can't imagine that would be any easier to clean.) I'd appreciate any info! Love the tweet bird shirt and bloomers you did for Mallory!