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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Matching Shorts

I love it when people bring me things to match! Sometimes it's not so easy, but sometimes it is and it's so much fun! I've had this "car" applique forever. It was like one of the first ones I bought and it's so simple. I think I had it on the blog and maybe the sample wasn't very cute? No one ever asked for it so I think I took it off! You may not be able to see the tiny little cars on these Zutano shorts, but they are similar to my old car so I got to revive it!!
And this is my absolute favorite!! I have SOOOOO many designs on my computer and a lot of them I have never stitched out. This is one of them! Again, cute Zutano shorts and I just had to use this airplane to match! I love the colors in the shorts so I think the colors in the plane turned out really cute! The transportation "words" on the shorts were also in all caps, hence his name "WILL" in all caps. What a cute little summer outfit!
I'm down to my last 3 items I'm technically "behind" on, but it's 11:00 and I'm pooped! I'll have to finish Monday! Goodnight!

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