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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The week ahead...

I had someone e-mail me asking what I did when monogramming t-shirts as far as the excess shirt. This is a size 3T girls t-shirt, so pretty small. Most of the shirt is out of the way up top, and I pin the bottom just so it doesn't ease up and get caught in the needle! Onesies and gowns and some other small items are another story!
And here is a true CIRCLE font! This is not a monogram wizard font, but rather a merge font I've had on my computer but FORGOT I had it!! I primarily use mono wizard so I forget about the other fonts I have which I have to merge with my Sew What Pro program. I really like this font! MWP has 2 circle fonts but I like this one much better!
And this is typical Mallory! She is in to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! Far worse then the boys ever were!! She is also smart enough to know that when she grabs something she isn't supposed to have, she runs like crazy away from you! Cabinets and doors have to be on lockdown if you want a minute's peace without having to see what she is in to. She is also teething so anything you can find in the evening (right before supper) that will make her happy, you just about let her do it! The other day I let her smoosh and play with a box of Nutrigrain bars for 30 minutes. Today I bought her a toothbrush at Walmart so I let her play with it/chew on it for 10 minutes. Forget all of the toys she has...

Browder is doing VBS at his Gigi's church this week, so I get a little break with just the younger 2. Jeff is still sick and has barely left the bed since Friday night. I guess when he recovers I'll go in with gloves and a mask and sanitize our room! I'm looking forward to next weekend - every June Jeff plays in a golf tournament at Wynlakes so starting last year we sent the kids to Enterprise to visit my parents. I get about 3 whole days with NO KIDS!! Last year I spent hours by the pool reading magazines and soaking in some sun. It was fabulous!! I love love love my kids, but have been with them just about 24/7 since school got out (2 weeks) so the break will be very refreshing! I hope to do LITTLE monogramming and maybe a little cleaning, or I may just do NOTHING!!
Production schedule this week is 7/day not counting Friday. But... I've done 5 tonight so I'm a little bit ahead! Everyone who brought me stuff last week or ordered anything SHOULD get your stuff back this week before Friday!


Staci said...

Too funny I was just about to ask about what you do for the access of small shirts....also do you "sit" with your machines while they embroider?
I have to on the small shirts - esp. onesies and baby gowns!

Ford Family said...

I love that you know where you got it and what it is called???