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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monogram Wizard Plus

Have you heard?

Evidently Monogram Wizard Plus is now selling an upgrade with new features. Sounds like you can click and drag instead of the annoying arrow buttons that move the letters 1/1,000 of a CM. Also, rotate and flip. It appears as though you can also import other designs and letters (PES format or the format you use). I personally LOVE Sew What Pro for merging, and I'm not sure how this compares, but it sounds like it might improve Monogram Wizard Plus and make our jobs a little easier!?!? Check it out! Prices seem to range from $80 ++.
Tomorrow is the last day of school! I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified or relieved. It'll be nice not to have to get up and go anywhere every single day. And with 3 kids I'll probably save a lot of money. Not a whole lot of fun to drag 3 kids around town shopping when it's 100 degrees! I still seem to be fighting the bug. The fever appears to be gone - I just still feel BLAH and have little appetite. I'm ready to get over this!!!!!!

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