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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Garrison!!

G turns 3 today!! Last week of school and then it's serious potty training time for this child!! He LOVES some cake and icing! We had a great Mother's Day/Birthday gathering with Jeff's family and extended family last night!
Sneak peek of a couple of new EB designs! A cute golf bag - luckily I had a white shirt for Browder so he gets a new t-shirt out of the deal! I bought him some turq. gingham cargo shorts at an overstock sale so I did this to match. He'll be 6 soon, so his wearing of this type stuff won't last forever. I think this is a great bigger-boy design!

And I LOVE this - and again, luckily I had a white t-shirt for Garrison so he gets a new t-shirt as well! This is a great summer design!

I also have a few more new designs to test. Maybe Mallory will get a new t-shirt too?

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