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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A productive day...

Here are a few pics from the weekend. Browder wore "normal clothes" on the evening boat ride Sunday but HAD to go swimming, so he went in his (NOT) tighty-whitey's. It was FREEZING, he was blue and shivering but would not admit he was cold!!
Here is Sissy on the boat. She actually did OK with the awkward life jacket!
And the boys in their swim shirts and life jackets ready for the first Seadoo ride of the year. The water was a bit chilly!
And Happy Birthday Browder (yesterday)! We ate at Tips of course, and the waiter put whip cream on his nose. He got that red under armor shirt for his b-day and I had to peel it off of him today so I could wash it. That, and we had battle today over cleaning up toys and "caring for" his toys and it became a dual between he & I over whether or not I should take away his b-day presents. He told me he didn't care, so I took the shirt off his back along with several other things and put them in "time out". THEN he got it and had a meltdown! It's so hard to be 6!!
Today I was SUPER PRODUCTIVE!! My schedule today was 7 items, and I did twice that - 14!! 2 were things for Mallory so they really didn't count. All of the kids took a good long nap so I had both machines going and got a lot done. I still have a lot to get done this week but if I can have another afternoon or two like today I'll be allllllright!
My sis in law bought these cute bloomers at My Kids Attic, evidently really cheap. She bought Mallory a pair, her 2 yr old a pair and an extra pair we could use just for the fabric. I had this cute Apples & Oranges green t-shirt laying around so I did the tweet bird on it with matching fabric. I love this bird! I also did the raggy cross today on a burp cloth (another raggy design from EB - love them all). And... I did the beach ball on a jon jon so I replaced my picture today. I think I like the solid colors on the beach ball the best!?

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