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Monday, May 25, 2009


You know you're an embroidery fanatic when you drive back from the lake early on Memorial Day to hit the sale at Hancock Fabrics!! They had 50% off notions today, so I went in and loaded my buggy with Sulky! I'm very familiar with Sulky brand because that's what they sell at Hancock's here in town and every few months I can get it 50% off! I've tried other brands/stuff and like them too, but have used this so long it's what I'm used to. I ran out of spray adhesive (which you really aren't supposed to use) last week and sent Jeff to get another can. I think he spent like $14 on one can (no coupon or sale). At half off plus an additional 10% off my purchase today only, I got 5 cans for $30! I also stocked up on every type stabilizer I use - all at 50% plus 10%. Luckily I was there from 4:00 to about 5:30 and they closed at 6, so hopefully I didn't make anyone mad who might have come in for Sulky - I didn't leave much on the rack! My #1 stabilizer I use is a medium cutaway and they only had 2 tubes, but the rest ought to last me for a long time, or until the next big sale!
I also picked up these fabrics. Nothing great - a few solids (I was low on yellow) and the pink/yellow circle & turq. w/ white dots is a pique type fabric (textured??). I only got turq. because the lady in front of me in line bought all they had of the other colors. She drove down from B'ham!!
Production schedule for the week is 7 items/day (actually 8 one of those days)!! Yikes! I did quite a bit Sat. night and none yesterday or today as we enjoyed Memorial Day at the lake! And Happy Birthday to Browder today, my first born who at 5:45 pm turned SIX!! He got a red under armor shirt which he has not taken off, and tonight we went to eat at Tips (of course) and then went to Kinnucan's so he could buy some croakies for his sunglasses. He turned 6 right? Croakies?? He also got a Disney digital camera and a new Pac Man plug & play game which has 12 games on it! Saturday he asked if he could add a Wii to his b-day list. Uhhhh.... NO! Maybe Christmas we will jump on the Wii bandwagon. Happy Birthday Browder!

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Staci said...

I LOVE a good deal too!