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Monday, May 18, 2009

School is out!

Here are a couple more new designs from I think Rachel is trying to get these up on the web today (if they aren't up already).
Love love this layered scallop patch, and the "m" is a new alphabet she is releasing also with a variety of sizes and stitches (zig zag, vintage and satin). The patch would be precious with just a monogram or anything else inside!!
Today was our first day sans school. Garrison was up bright and early (6:15 I think?). We tried underwear today and by 11:15 he was on his 3rd pair. Right now he's trying to tear up the blinds in our den... It's going to be a looooonnnnnggggg summer!
The virus, the neverending virus, is still workin on me! Friday night I computer-diagnosed myself with something horrible so Saturday I got up (feeling awful) and decided I needed to go to Primed. Jeff warned me it would be a 3 hour affair, and it was! 2 hours in the waiting room (after I "called ahead" to sign in). An hour in the back with a little nurse time, more waiting and finally a decent looking doctor! He definitely said I was anemic (but didn't give me any iron supplements or instructions) and other than that said it was "the virus"! Today I made an appt with my regular doc for Thursday. So we'll see (if I don't die first!).
Hopefully business will be slow & steady for a while. Without school I have very little time for monogramming! Mallory is in to EVERYTHING! If she is not pulling my mouse pad down or pulling fabric out and dragging it all over the floor, she is back in my bathroom sucking on a bottle of hairspray or dialing numbers on the telephone. I don't remember the boys ever getting in to everything as bad as she does? However, my dining room wasn't a sewing room either when they were toddlers! Anyway I'll be doing the very best I can, and will hopefully feel 100% by Thursday if not before!

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Anonymous said...

Rosemary, Gosh I hope you are feeling better soon! You have had a really rough few weeks! I love the new EB designs that you stitched out especially the patch with appliqued letter. What is the name of the new applique font or has she not posted it yet. Many thanks for your help again!