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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zoo Field Trip

Gross huh? This is my cardboard box that I spray spray adhesive on my fabric in! I guess it's better in a box than on my floor? A little scary to think I breathe this stuff in every day! I got some good tips on alternatives to spray adhesive, one being a washable glue stick, and the other an iron on cutaway stabilizer (which I haven't seen?). I might try the glue stick trick b/c 2 different people told me about that one.
New design added last night to Applique Cafe. I have 2 more to sample and add whenever I get a chance - maybe tomorrow? Couldn't resist the lime zebra print & hot pink! The "tinsel" part could also be left off for a simple whimsical tree. As you may have read we did extend the sale til Sunday since we're adding a few new designs. We didn't think it was fair to yank the sale and then offer new designs!
And while I feel like I'm sewing these days 24/7, today I went with Browder's Kindergarten class on a zoo field trip. The weather was PERFECT!! The orangutan exhibit was quite interesting! We were caught a little off guard when one of them chunked a rock at us! I swear it went right over my head!! That would have been fun to explain! THEN, the same one picked up a chunk of dirt/grass and threw it. This time I ducked and screamed like a girl!! And then we moved on to the next exhibit!!
I finally broke down and put a note on the top of the blog about new orders. They just keep piling up and piling up and at this rate I will never catch up. I may go through everything tomorrow and at least pick out any Halloween shirts that I need to do. If you are waiting for a Halloween shirt, drop me an e-mail and I'll let you know where I am! Football too! Christmas is on hold and Thanksgiving may be on hold for a couple of weeks too! Just e-mail me with any questions - Thanks!
p.s. we PURCHASED the instant download software today for the Applique Cafe website, so we're also working to get that set up over the next week or two as well! YEAH!

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